Ava Find Support

Other ways to download

If you have problems downloading Ava Find, try the backup download link.

Read the help file first

If you have trouble using Ava Find, make sure you've read the help file first. Help can be opened from the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key in Ava Find. You can also download the help file.

Try reinstalling the software

  1. Remove the existing installation of Ava Find:
    • Click the Windows Start button, Control Panel, Uninstall a program (Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP)
  2. Download a new copy of Ava Find:
    • Download the free version.
    • If you have a license for Ava Find Professional:
      • Sign in to your account and use the download link from there.
      • If you're having trouble with product keys, download a new copy of the key.

Contact customer service

If you have tried everything and still need help with Ava Find, you can send a message to customer service.


Contact Customer Service