Features and Benefits

From the one-of-a-kind Scout Bot to the incredibly fast searches, Ava Find provides unparalleled companionship for your everyday computing tasks.

Scout Bot

  • Find newly downloaded files without having to go through layers of folders.
  • Find documents you just saved: Didn't pay attention to where you saved it? Not a problem if you have Ava Find. (screenshot)


  • Instantly find any file or folder on the computer by name. (screenshot)
  • Browse Music and Videos: avoid having to go through media folders one by one. (screenshot)
  • My Picks shows files recently opened using Ava Find. Frequently used items can be pinned to the top of the list. (screenshot)
  • Search network drives: find files in shared folders from other Windows computers on your network. (Ava Find Professional edition only, not included in free trial)
  • Block folders: See only the files you want to see.
  • Save search results: create a file listing for printing or any other need. (Ava Find Professional edition only)
  • Advanced Name Search: Match file names using * and ? wildcards.

File Management

  • Clean up your hard drive: Show All Files lets you find large files or folders taking up space on the computer. (screenshot) (Ava Find Professional edition only)
  • Instant folder sizes: Folders are shown with their sizes next to them. No longer do you have to go into each folder's Properties and wait for Windows Explorer to calculate the folder size.
  • Windows Explorer file actions: Same right-click menu options for each file as in Windows Explorer. (screenshot) (Ava Find Professional edition only)

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